Selling Tips

Getting your property prepared for sale

  • Prune trees or shrubs close to the property for better natural light
  • Remove all rubbish
  • Repair and paint where necessary
  • Ensure gates & fences are in good order
  • Clean walls, floors and windows
  • Clean & dust away cobwebs from the interior & exterior of the property
  • Repair items such as leaky taps, sticking doors and drawers
  • Put any excess furniture in storage to ensure rooms appear as spacious as possible
  • Maintain garden beds
  • Add a hint of fragrance & color to the garden with seasonal flowers
  • Steam clean carpets (if necessary)

Add to the atmosphere during inspections by following some of these simple and inexpensive ideas:

  • Vases of fresh flowers
  • Classical background music
  • A cosy open fire in Winter
  • Take pets with you during inspections
  • Open curtains and blinds
  • Turn on lights in dark rooms or passage ways
  • The aroma of coffee brewing an oil burner or a freshly baked cake

Many people thinking of selling look into the possibility of major renovation works and whether or not they are necessary before placing their property on the market.

Major improvements and spending large amounts on property renovations are not always the best way to go. The danger here is overcapitalizing on the refurbishment and not getting a solid return on that outlay.

Discuss any queries or concerns you may have with your Laing+Simmons property specialist, we’re always happy to offer advice.

Auction Day

There are a number of things you can do in the lead up to Auction day to give yourselves the best chance in achieving the highest possible price.

  • Place mats at all external doors so dirt isn’t bought from outside in.
  • Remove any weeds or rubbish from gardens, paths and the street
  • Mow the lawns a couple of days before auction day rather than at the last minute. Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn as well, if untidy. Arrange for a friend to take your pets on the day of auction
  • Invite friends along to help build atmosphere
  • Park your cars in front of the property the evening prior to auction day and relocate them just prior to
  • In Winter, a warm & cosy home is far more inviting, so take advantage of your heating and, if you have an open fireplace, light the fire for extra warmth and atmosphere
  • During hot weather, switch your air conditioning on or open doors and windows for airflow
  • Hide your valuables safely away from view