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Australia and the rise of the multi-unit

While the Australian dream is traditionally the detached home with kids in the suburbs, changing attitudes among buyers seem to be driving a slow but unstoppable shift in the type of dwellings being constructed in our capital cities. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) recently released a discussion paper into Australia’s changing residential real estate landscape, and while detached homes still … Read more »

Sydney one of the world’s safest cities

Buying investment property involves taking a wide range of features into account, but perhaps one of the most important is how safe your tenants will feel. After all, they’ll want to feel a sense of security when they start living in a particular area, which could mean that Sydney is in even higher demand than ever.

A recent report from The … Read more »

Official opening for South West Rail link

One of the main attractions to Sydney property is its access to so many great transport links. Whether you live outside of the CBD and need to commute in – or vice versa – there’s no shortage of ways to get from A to B.

Options have just improved even further, thanks to the official opening of the South West Rail … Read more »

Sydney declared one of 100 most resilient cities

Sydney is known for being one of Australia’s most liveable, sustainable and biggest cities – and now it has one more accolade to add to its name: resilience.

The Harbour City was one of 35 new cities to join the Rockefeller Foundation’s line-up of 100 Resilient Cities, a list of global cities that are working to weather the shocks and vulnerabilities … Read more »

Sydney the city for book lovers

Sydney is being positioned as something of a city of letters – a hub for readers, writers and lovers of literature.

On September 29, the city announced it was committing $1.5 million worth of sponsorship to the Sydney Writers’ Festival, the largest sum it had ever provided for the festival. As part of the commitment, it will give a yearly boost … Read more »

Pitt Street Mall to breathe life into retail sector

A new city program is set to liven up Sydney’s retail sector, with live music, performances and events to be held at Pitt Street Mall.

The mall, Australia’s busiest retail area, will see up to 12 events take place during a year-long trial in order to see if it will attract any additional shoppers to the Sydney CBD.

According to Lord Mayor … Read more »

Sydney keeping clean and green

Sydney is continuing its wide-ranging efforts to maintain its status as a sustainable, responsible and environmentally conscious city with a number of new initiatives.

The city’s July Chemical Clean Out collected more than a whopping 27 tonnes of hazardous household material, including cyanide, deadly poisons and pesticides, as well as batteries, acid, gas bottles and paints. There were a total of … Read more »

Sydney strides into a sustainable future

An upcoming three-day event aims to bring together experts and share ideas around creating walkable cities.

Sydney will become the 15th city to host the Walk 21 conference, which began in 2000 in London. It will take place at Luna Park on October 21-23.

The event is a perfect example of Sydney’s status as a vibrant and global city, as well as highlighting … Read more »

Sydney sees round of new infrastructure projects

The New South Wales budget has set aside billions of dollars for infrastructure spending, which will develop and upgrade the state’s transportation system.

The $20 billion Rebuilding NSW plan will enhance Sydney’s existing road network, as well as fund a new Harbour rail tunnel in Sydney.

Not only that, but extensions to the WestConnex motorway which have recently begun stand to provide a number … Read more »

NSW budget says ‘yes’ to culture

As a result of this year’s state budget, major investment will flow into New South Wales and Sydney to transform the city into the cultural capital of Australia.

The budget has put aside $315 million for NSW’s cultural, arts and screen sectors, aiming to upgrade significant cultural institutions, many of which happen to reside in Sydney.

One of these is the Sydney … Read more »