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A brief guide to picking tenants

Australia is fast becoming a nation of renters. With property prices rising, a lot of households are either choosing to remain on the renter treadmill, or finding it is the most appropriate choice in the current climate. In fact, the proportion of households who live in rental accommodation has grown considerably. The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012 Year Book found that … Read more »

Time to snap up a new property in Sydney?

As any seasoned investor will no doubt know, one of the first decisions to make when buying Sydney real estate is whether to opt for a new or existing property.

Each comes with its own set of merits, so it largely depends on what you want to achieve from your investment, as well as what long-term goals you have in mind.

If … Read more »

Sydney’s rental market strong

With the Reserve Bank of Australia’s latest cash rate cut still fresh in the minds of investors, new research from CoreLogic RP Data is likely to provide further incentive to purchase property in Sydney. In its April Rental Review, CoreLogic analysis found that while rental growth is moderating across the country, homes in the Harbour City have posted some of the … Read more »

NSW remains a property hotspot

New South Wales has proven itself a prime location for investing in a home in recent times, with property values soaring and the potential for capital gains ever present. New figures from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) suggest an even brighter future for certain areas of Sydney – and construction is leading the charge.

According the the latest HIA/ACI Population and … Read more »

Changes to negative gearing ruled out

As a property investor, you are likely all too familiar with the planning required to maintain your rental. On top of a budget, you should formulate a clear strategy and plan of action that can successfully guide your investment. Many Australians are choosing negative gearing as their preferred strategy. In fact, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) revealed that 1.3 million … Read more »

What is in store for Australia’s taxation framework?

Tax is a necessary cost of buying, selling or investing in property in Australia. Whether its a levy on the price of the property, or an additional charge when you take out a home loan, there are a number of taxes that need to be paid. The federal government is making some headway towards changes in the country’s tax structure however, … Read more »

Suspense builds as RBA leaves cash rate unchanged

Interest rates are something of an ongoing debate in the housing market. There has been lots of speculation as to when the Reserve Bank of Australia will trim the official cash rate, but the board has pushed these questions out to another month. In an April 7 statement, it announced that it would be leaving the cash rate untouched for … Read more »

Interest rates buoy Sydney prices

Being a property investor, you’re likely always on the look out for profit-making opportunities, and there are any number of avenues you can take for this purpose. If you want to improve rental yield or purchase a property for long term gain, for instance, buying an investment property requires a fair bit of forward planning and strategy. But if you fall on … Read more »

Residential vacancies fall in February

One of the key elements in maintaining a rental property is the ability to fill vacancies. There are any number of reasons a property can be left unoccupied, but fortunately the latest figures from SQM Research indicate that residential vacancy levels across the country improved in February. The proportion of properties without a tenant dropped 0.1 percentage point over February, … Read more »

Potential housing shortage for Sydney

With construction soaring to new peaks throughout New South Wales, and Sydney’s population booming, property industry commentators have warned that a lack of supply could undermine the strength of the housing sector. The Property Council of Australia has gone one step further in this regard and forecast that Sydney could potentially see a 190,000 shortfall in houses in the next two decades.

Demand … Read more »