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Sydney price growth to slow, report predicts

With eye-watering prices becoming a feature of everyday life in Sydney’s real estate market, those buying houses will no doubt be looking for some kind of relief. New research from BIS Shrapnel could come as a breath of fresh air given the red hot real estate conditions, with the firm predicting that markets across Australia will slow over the … Read more »

Construction industry continues buoyant run

If there was one sector of the economy that has enjoyed impressive growth in the last year, it’s residential construction. The building industry has been continuing on its upward streak for many months now, helping to supply homes to match the frantic rate of residential sales, particular in New South Wales.

New lending figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics … Read more »

Residential building approvals jump in May

When you’re considering buying a house or apartment, there are many things that can enter into your mind. Pricing is probably at the forefront, alongside the lifestyle and location you’d like to lead in your new home.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has some encouraging news for buyers, revealing that the number of building approvals hit a year-to-year high in … Read more »

What does the future hold for interest rates in Australia?

If there has been one constant in the real estate market over the past few years, it’s been ongoing debate over interest rates. Each month the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) keeps home buyers, sellers and investors alike on the edge of their seat, and its July official cash rate decision has been no different.

Cash rate goes unchanged

Unfortunately, the latest decision … Read more »

A brief guide to picking tenants

Australia is fast becoming a nation of renters. With property prices rising, a lot of households are either choosing to remain on the renter treadmill, or finding it is the most appropriate choice in the current climate. In fact, the proportion of households who live in rental accommodation has grown considerably. The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012 Year Book found that … Read more »