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Consumer confidence soars

Between the Reserve Bank’s decision to cut the official cash rate down by 25 basis points and the release of the 2015-2016 federal budget, there has been a lot said in the real estate sector in the past few weeks. These two events also look to have given households across the country something to smile about, with a new survey showing that … Read more »

How to sell at auction: Setting a reserve price

Whether it is an investment property you have renovated, or a long-standing family home, the sales process can be a particularly stressful period of your life. One of the methods that is growing in popularity is selling by auction.

However, before you commit to selling your house in this way there are a number of things to think about – the … Read more »

Time to snap up a new property in Sydney?

As any seasoned investor will no doubt know, one of the first decisions to make when buying Sydney real estate is whether to opt for a new or existing property.

Each comes with its own set of merits, so it largely depends on what you want to achieve from your investment, as well as what long-term goals you have in mind.

If … Read more »

Foreign investment takes off

It is a widely known fact – Sydney is an investment hotspot. With the median price of a home in the New South Wales capital soaring above $1 million as of April 28 according to SQM Research, there can be little doubt that residential real estate is in an upwards spiral. But what role do overseas buyers play in this scenario?

A new … Read more »

Buying a home: How to buy at auction

There are many pathways for purchasing a property, each one with its own distinct set of considerations. Buying a house at auction is just one.

Because there are rules that are unique to the auction process and don’t necessarily apply to direct purchases, it is important to be as prepared as possible. Even if you are an experienced bidder or a … Read more »

Debate rages on affordability

There has been plenty of coverage on the impressive state of the property market across the country, particularly in the booming real estate heart of Sydney. Debate has flown back and forth about ways to ensure all Sydneysiders get their chance to buy a home. Many believe it’s up to federal and state policy makers to take the reins and … Read more »

Sydney’s rental market strong

With the Reserve Bank of Australia’s latest cash rate cut still fresh in the minds of investors, new research from CoreLogic RP Data is likely to provide further incentive to purchase property in Sydney. In its April Rental Review, CoreLogic analysis found that while rental growth is moderating across the country, homes in the Harbour City have posted some of the … Read more »

Property market sets groundwork for growth

The real estate industry has been abuzz with news of late. With the Reserve Bank of Australia’s recent rate cut still fresh in the minds of commentators and homebuyers alike, the federal government’s 2015-2016 budget has also generated a lot of discussion. Conversation has stretched from foreign investment, to tax and skilled labour – and at its heart, the property … Read more »

Can Sydney property be made more affordable?

Sydney’s property market is notoriously one of the most in demand and complex that Australia has to offer. With prices rising and real estate never spending too long on the market, buyers have to be quick and well-prepared if they are going to invest.

April data from SQM Research showed that Sydney’s property listings declined 11.2 per cent from the previous … Read more »

NSW remains a property hotspot

New South Wales has proven itself a prime location for investing in a home in recent times, with property values soaring and the potential for capital gains ever present. New figures from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) suggest an even brighter future for certain areas of Sydney – and construction is leading the charge.

According the the latest HIA/ACI Population and … Read more »