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Are homes in Sydney that unaffordable?

Housing affordability is relative term. It can depend entirely on your budget and personal circumstances, or it could rely on what area you are buying into – it can even come down to the type of property you buy. Whenever the media splashes about headlines concerning Sydney’s rising values, it pays to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all equation … Read more »

Healthy lending figures reveal buoyant construction levels

A useful way for investors and prospective buyers to measure the strength of the property market is to review the level of activity in the lending sector. If recent data from Australian Bureau of Statistics is anything to go by, home building will continue to follow its upward trajectory in 2015.

The figures show that in the final month of 2014 the number … Read more »

Sydney apartments share housing limelight

Houses in Sydney have long been considered something of a golden goose in the property market, but change could be on the horizon. Sydney’s property market has the potential to become an area split evenly between residential houses and apartments in coming years, with figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealing that the city has seen a boom in … Read more »

Changes to negative gearing ruled out

As a property investor, you are likely all too familiar with the planning required to maintain your rental. On top of a budget, you should formulate a clear strategy and plan of action that can successfully guide your investment. Many Australians are choosing negative gearing as their preferred strategy. In fact, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) revealed that 1.3 million … Read more »

New South Wales economy pick of the states

It is no secret that the housing market in New South Wales is one of the strongest in the country. With values consistently rising, auction numbers booming and the volume of sales ever-increasing, it is little wonder that CommSec’s latest “State of the States” report has ranked the state’s property sector as the best performing in the country over the … Read more »

What type of market is occurring in Sydney?

When on the lookout for real estate in Australia, the type of market you search within is crucial. Buyer’s markets, seller’s markets and balanced markets occur depending on the different levels of supply and demand, and can shape affordability and price rises as a consequence.

Working out where the buyer’s markets exist can aid you significantly when purchasing a property, just as … Read more »

Lending activity steadies in February

After months of concern and speculation about lending activity in the residential property market, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has delivered some news that may ease fears about an over heating housing sector. The data shows that the number of people taking out loans for housing steadied over February, which should offer some relief to buyers worrying about skyrocketing … Read more »

Sydney sellers cross finish line first

When you are buying or selling property in Sydney, there are a few things to be aware of. With house prices ever-rising and investment interest soaring, it can sometimes be difficult to keep on top of the latest developments in the housing market. One important thing to keep in mind, however, is the condition of the market.

Understanding whether the property … Read more »

What is in store for Australia’s taxation framework?

Tax is a necessary cost of buying, selling or investing in property in Australia. Whether its a levy on the price of the property, or an additional charge when you take out a home loan, there are a number of taxes that need to be paid. The federal government is making some headway towards changes in the country’s tax structure however, … Read more »

Suspense builds as RBA leaves cash rate unchanged

Interest rates are something of an ongoing debate in the housing market. There has been lots of speculation as to when the Reserve Bank of Australia will trim the official cash rate, but the board has pushed these questions out to another month. In an April 7 statement, it announced that it would be leaving the cash rate untouched for … Read more »