What can I do to improve my property’s kerb appeal?

x_157_90331_0_14101385_300Making the right first impression is essential when selling property, which is why your home needs to have the best kerb appeal for miles around.

It might surprise you that just some simple changes can make a big difference to how your property is perceived, potentially moving it higher up buyers’ wish lists.

This is true whether you’re hosting an open inspection or if there’s a for sale sign displayed outside – you never know when your buyer might be passing!

Here are some ideas that could have your property for sale snapped up in no time at all.

Give your front door a new lease of life

If you’ve got a wooden or metal front door then you might want to invest in some paint to spruce it up – scratches and scuff marks could put off potential buyers.

PVC doors should be given a clean with some soapy water a couple of hours before the inspection, which will give the impression they are easy to keep in top condition.

Make your front lawn pristine

Is your front lawn looking a little worse for wear? Think about giving it a weed and feed treatment or, if it’s beyond repair, re-lay some new turf before showing people around.

You should also keep your lawn well-maintained, which means giving it the once over with a mower to show that it’s simple to stay on top of.

Add a splash of colour

Making your property stand out from the crowd is easy with a few choice plants – pick those with plenty of colour to give a more welcoming appearance.

Pots and hanging baskets are the easiest to maintain, but if you’re particularly green-fingered then think about installing a border for year-round intrigue.

Invest in outdoor lighting

Not only does outdoor lighting look good, it also has the added benefit of being able to improve security.

Solar lights or a motion-sensor porch light can all add these benefits to your property and potentially make it more appealing to buyers.

Keep unsightly items out of view

If you usually keep your bins and other unsightly items out front, think about finding them a temporary home while you’re trying to sell your property.

They can easily provide a distraction if you’re attempting to draw people’s eyes to the more attractive features of your home, so you might need to think outside the box a little.

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