Pitt Street Mall to breathe life into retail sector

Shopping-in-the-central-city-could-become-a-lot-more-fun-soon_157_84355_0_14097284_300A new city program is set to liven up Sydney’s retail sector, with live music, performances and events to be held at Pitt Street Mall.

The mall, Australia’s busiest retail area, will see up to 12 events take place during a year-long trial in order to see if it will attract any additional shoppers to the Sydney CBD.

According to Lord Mayor Clover Moore, currently more than 65,000 pedestrians travel through the mall each day. The challenge was to help retailers connect with these existing crowds, as well as pull new visitors into the precinct.

“Pitt Street Mall is Australia’s premier retail destination, and we want to ensure it retains this status by helping local retailers attract more residents, workers and visitors,” Ms Moore said in a September 26 release.

Australian National Retail Association Chief Executive Margy Osmond was equally positive about the initiative.

“A thriving retail sector is vitally important to the economy of the city, and Pitt Street Mall is the retail core of the city district with more than 36 per cent of CBD businesses retail related,” Ms Osmond said.

The program follows on from the city’s adoption of a 10-year Economic Development Strategy and its release of its Retail Action Plan last year. The plan identified four methods for supporting the local retail sector, including building capacity and resilience, creating closer cooperation between the government and the sector, and clarifying regulatory processes.

Also included was creating great experiences for city workers, residents and visitors in order to entice them into shopping in central Sydney – something this initiative is clearly a part of.

Coupled with the numerous other city initiatives aimed at supporting local businesses, home buyers of all different kinds stand to be winners. Ordinary residents will have a more vibrant city centre with increased recreational opportunities, while business owners stand to thrive in a retail-friendly environment.

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