WestConnex rolls into stage two

Tunneling-work-has-begun-on-the-WestConnex-project_157_84137_0_14022564_300Stage two of Sydney’s WestConnex project has commenced, with invitations issued to companies to design and construct the new tunnels needed for the project.

Thanks to a $2 billion concessional loan from the federal government, the project team will now be able to undertake around 100 geotechnical drills along the M5 corridor. The drilling will take place over 18 months on the area between the M5 East and St Peters.

Other pre-construction work that is set to take place includes upgrading the King Georges Road and M5 interchange, as well as widening King Georges Road, the M5 tunnel portals and Beverly Hills to four lanes each. Furthermore, the widened M5 section will see a tunnel from St Peters constructed and attached to it.

There will also be a connection built between St Peters and the airport precinct in order to keep up with an expected increase in housing, employment and air travel in the area.

Once completed, the project will raise the city’s liveability and make for a more easily navigable New South Wales capital by reducing traffic congestion in the quickly growing city. The finished motorway will bypass up to 52 traffic lights, slashing travel times across the city, and will connect Sydney’s west and south-west with the city’s CBD, airport and port precincts.

This will be particularly important for those looking to settle in the city’s outer suburbs but need to work elsewhere. Residents likely won’t have to end up making a trade-off between their careers and settling in a more affordable area for housing. Around 100,000 motorists currently use the M5 corridor every day.

In addition to this, the actual construction process will also yield benefits, with 10,000 jobs forecast to be created and more than $20 billion in economic benefits to be injected into the state economy.

House values tend to rise in response to significant infrastructure development – of which the WestConnex is only one – so current prospective buyers may want to consider western Sydney as an option for purchasing real estate.

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