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North West Rail Link trains revealed

The much anticipated North West Rail Link project, Australia’s largest public infrastructure project, just had its trains unveiled to the public.

The new trains are fully-automated, with six carriages and running every four minutes during peak hours, ad were announced as part of a $3.7 billion contract signed by the New South Wales government. They will be built by Alstom, an international … Read more »

New home lending grows as housing approvals jump out west

New home lending for owner-occupiers has seen as spectacular rise in New South Wales, according to the most recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Housing Industry Association reported on the figures, which indicated the new home lending was standing strong with the ticking over of the new financial year. This was entirely driven by conditions in the First … Read more »

Residential building going strong around the country

Property buyers in the Sydney area should be heartened by the latest figures regarding the building industry in Australia. If they’re any indication, there should be home owning opportunities aplenty to satisfy demand for residential housing.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released data regarding residential building work for this year’s June quarter, illustrating the continued strength of home building throughout the … Read more »

Things to know when selling a home

Once you’ve already gone through the complex process of buying a home, you probably feel like you’re an expert in the property market. However, selling a home can be a task that’s just as complicated and filled with variables. Here are a few basics about the property-selling process you might’ve wondered about, but were too afraid to ask.

When is it … Read more »

A beginner’s guide to investing

You’re financially secure and you’re ready to start investing in the property market. Before you go any further, however, have a read of some of the basic questions people have about property investment so you can be sure you’re ready.

Why should I invest in property?

There are a number of reasons why people look to the property market to invest their money:

property … Read more »

What do you need to know about buying a home?

In short, a home is a lot of things: It’s a living space, a tangible asset and an investment for your future. Therefore, you don’t only benefit from the feeling of having something to call your own, but you also have a future boost for your finances.

Isn’t it cheaper to just keep renting rather than to fork out the cash for … Read more »