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No housing bubble in Australia, say property experts

Talk about the Australian housing bubble may well be overblown, according to some recent statements by Australian property experts.

Concerns that the Australian property market is a bubble ready to burst have been floating around for some time, due to what some observers see as overinflated house prices.

However, BT Financial Chief Economist Chris Caton┬áput out a statement earlier in the month … Read more »

Urban development planned for north-west

Sydney’s west is already one of the most in-demand areas for housing in the rapidly growing city, and the release of three new urban activation precincts (UAP) in the north-west is set to make this even more so.

The start of the month saw the government make the announcement, with UAPs going to three different North-West Rail Line stations in the … Read more »

Winter sales still hot in Sydney

The winter months may be on top of us, but the Sydney property market shows no sign of cooling.

Auction numbers have stayed strong in the Harbour City, a hangover from strong sales in summer and autumn, according to a July 29 report from CommBank. During this time, the median auction price for the city sat around $950,000, close to the … Read more »

Sydney and New South Wales drive construction

The national construction market is getting a big boost in the coming years, according to economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel, and the Sydney and New South Wales markets are playing a big role.

The Building in Australia 2014-2029 report outlines how building activity across the country is tipped to overtake the peak last set 20 years ago, with 190,000 new dwellings predicted … Read more »

Summit to discuss Bays Precinct revitalisation

Buyers of all kinds may want to keep an eye on the Bays Precinct reclamation project currently in its beginning stages in Sydney.

The New South Wales government will hold an international summit later this year, bringing together the world’s leading urban renewal experts on just how the revitalisation of the inner harbour area should go. The summit will take place … Read more »