Sydney strides into a sustainable future

Sydney-is-already-a-city-very-much-built-for-walking-_157_75051_0_14099586_300An upcoming three-day event aims to bring together experts and share ideas around creating walkable cities.

Sydney will become the 15th city to host the Walk 21 conference, which began in 2000 in London. It will take place at Luna Park on October 21-23.

The event is a perfect example of Sydney’s status as a vibrant and global city, as well as highlighting the city’s focus on increasing livability in the New South Wales capital.

More than 500 delegates from Asia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, the US and Australia will discuss the significance of walking to communities and individuals around the world. These delegates will be a global line-up of researchers, campaigners and global policymakers from these various nations.

Some of the famous names include transport management pioneer Rose McArthur, who worked on changing commuting patterns during the London Olympics, and planning and design experts Don Miskell and Brent Toderian, the latter of which was involved in Vancouver’s Greenest City and EcoDensity initiatives.

“Whether you are an architect, an engineer, work in the health sector or are a business owner, all of us can gain from Walk21,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said in a June 30 release.

“This is a perfect opportunity to learn from one another and help make Sydney a world-class walking city.”

Ms Moore pointed out that Sydney was the perfect city in which to hold the conference, give that its design is practically made for walking. More than 90 per cent of trips made by Sydneysiders in the city centre are on foot, while tourist attractions, an accommodating climate and the famous Sydney Harbour encourage all individuals in the city to take a stroll.

It’s all part of the city’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision, which will transform the Harbour City into a more attractive, forward-thinking and green city in the future. As this trend continues and events such as Walk21 increasingly raise Sydney’s global profile, property will become ever more desirable within the city limits.

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