Road improvements to Sydney Airport set to ease congestion

Travelling-to-the-Sydney-Airport-will-be-easier-and-less-timeconsuming_157_75024_0_14096072_300For those flying in and out of Sydney – be it residents, tourists or those on business – the New South Wales government’s latest investment into the city will make you pick up your ears.

The state government and Sydney Airport have partnered to jointly fund a $500 million finance package for road infrastructure in around the airport.

Given that more than 150,000 people travel to and from the airport each day, Sydney Airport Chief Executive Kerrie Mather identified improving airport user and passenger experience as the preeminent issue for the project.

“With 74 million passengers a year forecast by 2033, we’re building the road and public transport capacity now to support continued tourism and travel growth,” Ms Mather said in a June 30 release.

The project will fund a variety of ground transport solutions to lower congestion around the airport. The surrounding precinct will see more than $282 million in road projects, such as the WestConnex Enabling Works.

These works include widening Marsh Street, which will be fully state-funded. A road underpass linking Botany Road, Wentworth Avenue and General Holmes Drive will also be built to replace the rail level crossing currently at the latter.

Along with this, General Holmes Drive and Joyce Drive will be widened to three lanes.

This infrastructure upgrade has the potential to not only improve user experience at the airport. The easing of congestion around the area will also likely have a knock-on effect on other parts of the city, improving quality of life and lowering costs for residents.

Coupled with the NSW government’s other significant investment in the city’s infrastructure, transportation is set to be transformed in Sydney in a few years time. Property investors shouldn’t be surprised if their real estate receives a corresponding bump in value.

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