Wentworth Point residential project to begin immediately

Construction-in-Westworth-Point-is-set-to-begin-immediately_157_74833_0_14085433_300The former industrial precincts of Wentworth Point and Herring Road in Macquarie Park in the north-west of Sydney are set to be transformed into prime residential housing areas.

While the Herring Road urban activation project will be put out for public comment until August 10 2014, the Wentworth Point development has been given approval to start immediately. Between them, the projects stand to create 7,700 new homes.

The plans reflected the impetus for a smarter approach to Sydney housing development, said Planning Minister Pru Goward, as well as reflecting the government’s commitment to keeping housing affordable across the state.

“Smarter planning means identifying underutilised land where new homes can be built close to jobs and transport services,” Ms Goward noted in a June 26 statement.

Indeed, both areas will benefit from nearby infrastructure upgrades. Perhaps most significantly, the recently announced North West Rail Link and WestConnex transport projects will ease transportation time and costs for residents.

In terms of amenities, the areas are located near a new 18-classroom school which is due to finish construction in 2017, an upgrade of the Sydney Olympic Park ferry wharf and new parks and bike and walking paths being constructed in the area.

This is all exciting news for potential new home buyers in the city. The commitment to more and affordable housing will make it easier for buyers, particularly first time buyers, to enter the Sydney property market and get a house of their own.

Not only that, but the proximity to major new transportation infrastructure means these new residential areas will not be remote or isolated, but very much integrated into the greater Sydney area.

Add on to that the host of upgraded public amenities being brought by the New South Wales government, and quality of life in terms of recreational opportunities is set to rise in the precincts.

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