Sydney public facilities receive top architecture awards

Alfred-Park-and-Pool-received-the-oldest-and-most-prestigious-architecture-prize_157_74823_0_14100531_300Sydney’s various public facilities are receiving top recognition for their design features.

Chief among them was the Price Alfred Park and Pool, a 7.5 hectare outdoor heated 50m pool located less than 200m from Central train station in the heart of the city. The $20.5 million project won three separate awards.

It won the Sir John Sulman Medal, New South Wales’ oldest and most prestigious public architecture prize, as well as the Lloyd Rees Award for Urban Design and the second ever City of Sydney Lord Mayor’s Prize, of which it was a joint-winner.

The park and pool design, created by Neeson Murcutt Architects in conjuction with Sue Barnsley Design, was praised by a variety of sources. The Sulman Medal judges celebrated the facility as a blending of “art and landscape, urban design and architecture”, while Lord Mayor Clover Moore hailed it as demonstrating the city’s commitment to “design excellence and environmental sustainability”.

“Everyone who worked on these significant public infrastructure projects should be very proud to have been singled out for praise against such strong competition,” said Ms Moore in a June 27 release.

“This proves that when it comes to good urban design and innovative architecture, the City continues to set new benchmarks.”

The news is significant for both property owners and investors. On the one hand, Sydney’s commitment to and investment in public infrastructure raises the quality of life for Sydney residents, making the city a more attractive place to reside in.

On top of this, high-profile and award-winning infrastructure projects have the potential to add on to Sydney’s already growing house prices, as well as bring more people into the city looking for property, which means plenty of potential buyers for Sydney investors.

Other projects which received an award were the Dr HJ Foley Rest Park Toilets, which won the Robert Woodward Award for Small Project Architecture, and the Eternity Playhouse, which received the Greenway Award for Heritage.

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