Sydney sees round of new infrastructure projects

Infrastructure-projects-in-Sydney-will-make-life-easier-for-motorists_157_74623_0_14089782_300The New South Wales budget has set aside billions of dollars for infrastructure spending, which will develop and upgrade the state’s transportation system.

The $20 billion Rebuilding NSW plan will enhance Sydney’s existing road network, as well as fund a new Harbour rail tunnel in Sydney.

Not only that, but extensions to the WestConnex motorway which have recently begun stand to provide a number of benefits to motorists and ordinary residents.

The southern extension will link the city’s south to Illawarra and Sutherland Shire, while the northern corridor will link to ANZAC Bridge and Victoria Road in the CBD, reducing pressure on the existing Eastern Distributor.

“It could also provide significant relief to the City West Link at Haberfield by allowing motorists to bypass traffic lights along that stretch of road and connect directly to the CBD at Darling Harbour,” said NSW Premier Mike Baird in a June 11 release.

“M4 motorists travelling from Parramatta to Sydney’s CBD could completely avoid the City West Link and travel [on] a motorway road all the way to the city.”

This will benefit Sydneysiders in a number of different ways. For one, it will reduce congestion around the city, making commuting from the city’s outer areas to the central city easier and less time-consuming. This will also save transportation costs for businesses, which could very well translate into lower prices for consumers.

Mr Baird identified this as a key issue, noting that transport issue in Sydney needed to be solved.

“Both our quality of life – the time we are able to spend with family and friends – and the productivity of our workplaces is suffering,” he explained.

Not only that, but existing property owners in the city and its outer fringes could very well see the values of their properties rise. Major improvements and infrastructure projects tend to increase house values in nearby areas by making these places more desirable to live in.

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