NSW budget says ‘yes’ to culture

Cultural-upgrades-like-the-Sydney-opera-house-will-see-major-upgrades_157_74419_0_14066618_300As a result of this year’s state budget, major investment will flow into New South Wales and Sydney to transform the city into the cultural capital of Australia.

The budget has put aside $315 million for NSW’s cultural, arts and screen sectors, aiming to upgrade significant cultural institutions, many of which happen to reside in Sydney.

One of these is the Sydney Opera House, arguably Australia’s most recognisable¬†man-made landmark, which will benefit from¬†infrastructure upgrades and a multi-million dollar renewal. The Powerhouse Museum, one branch of the city’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, will also see significant improvements, according to a June 23 government statement.

The budget also allocates $6.2 million to support the major arts festivals which are held in Sydney – the Sydney Writers’ Festival, the Biennale of Sydney and the Sydney Festival.

All of these events draw numerous visitors from around the country and even overseas every year – or in the Biennale’s case, every two years – injecting life into the local economy. Not only that, but the vibrancy they bring to life in the city are part of the reason why increasing numbers are moving to Sydney.

Other projects aimed at invigorating cultural life in the Harbour City and wider NSW include funding for the Australian Ballet and various visual arts and crafts organisations.

One of the bigger developments will be a funding boost for the Australia Museum in Sydney. The museum will receive $7.2 million over two years as part of the New Australian Museum Master Plan.

The improvements planned include developing the Yurong Street end of the site, installing a large temporary display for hosting large exhibitions, a new 632 square metre gallery dedicated to biodiversity and a new brasserie that provides views of the city.

Not only will these changes bring further tourists to the city, but they will improve the experience of those living in the city. It would also not be surprising to see house values rise with the completion of these projects, with better-value amenities near city properties.

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