Solar Sydney one step closer to becoming a reality

Solar-panels-are-a-more-and-more-popular-option-in-Australia_157_63405_0_14090611_300A future solar Sydney looks to be an increasing possibility, with the Harbour City seeing an expansion to its roll out of solar facilities.

The 80-year-old, City of Sydney-owned King George V Recreation Centre has been fitted with 222 new solar panels on its roof, the largest solar project of its kind in the country and the 18th site to be see solar power panels get installed in the city.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore emphasised in a June 13 release that the project showcased the City of Sydney’s commitment to carbon neutrality and reducing the city’s environmental impact.

“These solar panels will provide pollution-free electricity, unlike coal-fired power which is responsible for 80 per cent of the city’s carbon pollution,” she said.

“While other governments stall, we’re getting on with the job of reducing our impact on the environment and future-proofing our city.”

The King George Centre’s system of solar panelling covers over 360 square metres of roofing, will produce 82,215 kilowatts of energy and save 87 tonnes of emissions annually. This is an important fraction of the total 3,000 tonnes of annual carbon pollution that the city aims to cut.

The fitting of solar panels at the centre marks the halfway point of the ambitious installation project. Thus far, 18 sites around the city have seen the addition of a total of 2,050 solar panels, which the City predicts could produce nearly 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity ever year. It will also cut the City of Sydney’s total electricity use by about 5 per cent, or 2073 tonnes.

It’s all part of a bigger plan for Sydney to become a “carbon zero” city by 2030, which, among other things, includes a plan to implement high speed rail into Australia and generate power through trigeneration.

One shouldn’t be surprised to see more and more Australians – and foreigners – flocking to Sydney as a result of these developments. Sydney’s commitment to its green future is helping establish the city as a world leader, and will only make the area a more attractive place to live as environmental concerns come further to the forefront.

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