More options for Sydney drivers

Foreign-investment-in-NSW-may-feed-through-to-Sydneys-booming-economy_157_67043_0_14099660_300Sydney residents who use their vehicles on a regular basis will welcome a May 22 announcement from the state government.

From 2015’s first quarter, longer-period driver licences will be available to select motorists.

Currently, licences last for five years before they require renewal. Under the new system, drivers aged between 21 and 44 will be able to obtain 10-year long licences.

Better yet, pink slip times will be extended, giving drivers greater flexibility with regards to booking their yearly vehicle safety inspections.

The change to pink slip times will come into force at the end of 2014.

Removing red tape was at the forefront of decision makers’ minds, explained Roads Minister Duncan Gay.

Furthermore, the changes will decrease administrative costs, with a predicted saving of $3 million annually.

For those who would rather train or bus than drive their own vehicle, their are still plenty of options available in the sought-after NSW capital.

For instance, the North West Rail Link project is a state project that’s set to be the first ever fully-automated rapid transit rail system in the country.

With trains operating every five minutes during peak hours, the link will provide a boost to the state’s transport infrastructure.

It’s expected to open to the public at the end of 2019, with plenty of work to be done in the meantime, including the construction of twin 15 km tunnels.

The link caters for those who will populate the North West Growth Centre in years to come. With pressure on inner-Sydney’s housing market, more people are looking further out of the city to base themselves.

First time buyers may wish to look to these outer suburbs that will be catered for with strong transport links, while inner-city homeowners are in a prime position should they wish to sell, too.

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