REINSW: ‘Harmonised’ national licensing framework needed

98The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) has commented on national licensing for property professionals in a May 13 statement.

If recommended changes are adopted, this could result in even better outcomes for those looking to buy property in Sydney, if the REINSW’s opinion is anything to go by.

The industry mouthpiece noted that the Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) recently noted that state and territory governments will review electrical and plumbing industries’ licensing frameworks.

“However CAF has said that there is no urgency to review a national licensing framework for the property industry after the disestablishment of the National Occupational Licensing Authority was announced late last year,” explained the REINSW.

‘Harmonised’ framework supported

Tim McKibbin, chief executive of the REINSW, has announced his ongoing support for a “harmonised national licensing framework for the real estate profession”.

This could give property buyers more assurance about real estate processes, though there is always the possibility of extra compliance costs.

Boosting entry-level education in the professional industry is an area of focus for the REINSW.

“If national licensing came back on the agenda REINSW would support it, but we would insist on increased entry-level education and increased educational requirements for ongoing professional development,” Mr McKibbin explained.

The professional responsibilities involved with real estate practice has driven such comments. Better education could certainly help improve the industry as a whole, though it’s clear there are lots of already very talented agents finding fantastic solutions for Sydney home buyers and investors.

“Our ongoing dialogue with the federal and state governments about national licensing has meant REINSW has been at the forefront of the policy direction in this area,” noted Mr McKibbin.

In the meanwhile, those looking to buy or sell in Sydney have their pick of experienced agents to get in touch with, to make the process as seamless as possible.

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