Understand the National Construction Code changes

Changes-to-the-building-code-and-new-fire-alarm-tests-may-be-welcomed-by-property-owners_157_68664_0_14080704_300Changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) came into force in Sydney on May 1, according to a statement from New South Wales Planning & Infrastructure.

Investors and homeowners alike may wish to direct some attention to the changes, particularly if they’re looking to buy new property.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the Plumbing Code of Australia make up the NCC.

Some of the changes will affect apartment living, which in Sydney is becoming more and more popular. For instance, smoke alarms will need to be interconnected in residential buildings, under core BCA changes.

The requirements relating to portable fire extinguishers in particular residential buildings have also changed. Additionally, there have been changes to the measurement of slip resistance on stairways, ramps and landings.

Whether or not these changes will attract high compliance costs is yet to be seen, but those looking to own property in Sydney may well be pleased with the new changes.

After all, they are geared at making residential spaces safer, which is sure to be a drawcard for both homeowners and tenants.

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) recently encouraged property managers to check smoke alarms at their investment properties.

“Working smoke alarms (amongst other things) assist property managers to discharge their duty of care and they can now use a free smoke alarm testing reminder service,” the REINSW explained in a late April statement.

The new service – Alarm Reminders – is completely free. It reminds residential tenants to test their alarm, whether by text message or email.

The REINSW has outlined its support for the measure, which is easy for property managers to sign up for.

These changes may help mitigate any risks associated with property ownership. However, doing your due diligence when purchasing and continuing to act in a prudent manner will help ensure homeowners reap the rewards.

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