Property owners: Have your say on Banksmeadow development

22.4.14A Banksmeadow waste facility application has been lodged and is now being exhibited, according to an April 17 statement from NSW Planning & Infrastructure.

Owners of investment properties around the Banksmeadow area may wish to have their say about the proposed waste facility in the area.

Meanwhile, those living in this south-eastern Sydney suburb may also be interested to provide feedback to to New South Wales Planning & Infrastructure regarding the possible development.

Big development potential

“It’s a significant development that would create a transfer terminal for waste and direct it via rail and road to other treatment and recycling facilities like Woodlawn Eco Precinct,” explained Planning & Infrastructure Executive Director Chris Wilson.

However, the department acknowledges that the community may have a range of opinions about the proposed development and is therefore seeking feedback from those living in the area.

Mr Wilson noted that the department is “committed to community consultation”.

What is proposed?

In order to develop the waste transfer facility, existing buildings in the Banksmeadow area would need to be demolished.

Current infrastructure will also need to be eliminated in order to make way for the new facility. A new building will be constructed to hold the facility, as well as a new access road and rail sidings.

Opportunities for feedback

The application for the new facility is being exhibited until May 28.

It can be viewed at a range of areas, from the Planning & Infrastructure department’s information centre in Bridge Street, Sydney to Wilson Street in Newtown.

Other council centres and public areas are exhibiting the application, with details available on the Planning & Infrastructure website.

The application has been filed by Veolia Environmental Services. In order for the development to go ahead, an environmental protection licence, a Roads Act consent and an acquifer interference approval will need to be granted to the applicant.

It’s difficult to say what this proposal could do for house prices in the area, which is why owners of property and land in the nearby vicinity may wish to look at the issue in further detail.

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