Job creation and transport initiatives great news for Sydney

Selling-property-in-Sydney-With-job-creation-and-transport-initiatives-there-are-sure-to-be-interested-buyers_157_67035_0_14099300_300A boost in employment and taxi reforms are two changes making waves in New South Wales, which may attract more to buy or rent property in the capital.

A total of 16,300 jobs were gained in March in NSW, according to an April 10 statement from the state government. This places the state at the top for job generation across the entire country.

Confidence in the labour market is always a good sign for investors as well as homeowners who may look to sell in the future.

The unemployment rate in NSW decreased from 5.7 per cent to 5.3 per cent month-on-month to March. Such a figure places the state as having the second-lowest unemployment rate, behind only Western Australia.

NSW Treasurer Mike Baird commented on the figures, noting that the state had climbed to “the top of the leader board”.

The seasonally adjusted increase in employment across Australia was 18,100, according to an April 10 release from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Keeping NSW’s job creation figure of 16,300 in mind, this certainly places the state – including its capital – as a top consideration when it comes to buying or selling property.

The state is not just leading job creation figures – it’s also proving itself when it comes to transport.

Taxi reforms will make this particular mode of transport, cheaper, safer and more reliable, according to an April 8 release from the state government.

A three-point plan aims to improve services across the state by halving card payment surcharge, boosting the enforcement of vehicle maintenance and safety and regulating the use of mobile taxi booking apps.

“Customers told us they wanted changes and we have delivered¬†–¬†including the introduction of more peak licences and a peak surcharge to encourage more taxis on the road when people need them most on a Friday and Saturday night,” explained Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian.

Those looking to sell property in Sydney will likely find no shortage of interested buyers, while the latest changes for NSW make renting in Sydney a great prospect, too.

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