Crown Land legislation could be replaced with new act

104The Crown Lands Legislation White Paper was released by Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade and Investment and Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services Andrew Stoner earlier this year.

Millions of hectares

Currently the Crown Estate is an area roughly 33 million hectares, which is around 42 per cent of total land in New South Wales.

This includes Crown roads, waterways, beaches, recreational land, community land, agricultural and stock land and much more.

However, the legislation governing Crown land dates back to the late 19th century, notes Mr Stoner.

To this effect, it hasn’t been able to keep up with changes in the community, spurring the Crown Lands Management Review, which began in June 2012.

Review process leads to white paper

The release of the white paper is an important step forward in the review of the processes and legislation governing Crown land.

The state government wants to cut red tape, boosting the management of this land while increasing community benefits.

Now that the white paper has been released, the Trade and Investment department is seeking input from the community.

From homeowners to landlords of real estate in Sydney, the review affects a wide range of people. Written submissions will be accepted until June 20 at 5 pm, giving interested parties ample time to respond to the white paper.

The white paper proposes repealing eight pieces of key legislation, including the Crown Lands Act, Crown Lands (Continued Tenures) Act and the Western Lands Act, which are key tenets of NSW’s estate system.

In the place of these Acts of parliament, a new piece of legislation will be introduced, acting as the cornerstone of Crown Estate management.

The proposed Act will not amend Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983, however this piece of legislation is being considering under a different review process.

The white paper is over 40 pages of detailed recommendations, which should be closely considered by those living in Sydney and elsewhere in NSW.

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