Planning software offers opportunities for investors

100As Sydney sellers find themselves in a favourable position with increasing demand for homes, the state government has announced extra funding to speed up the planning process.

A cool $1 million for dwelling approvals

A statewide grant was announced on March 25 by New South Wales Planning and Infrastructure Minister Brad Hazzard.

Local councils will be eligible for a share of the $1 million that’s been set aside to bring them into the 21st century when it comes to the planning process.

The funding will help councils obtain the ePlanning software, which enables applications to be tracked online.

Better outcomes for investors

The move is sure to be welcomed by existing homeowners who want to shift from their existing property in order to build a new home, but are too daunted by existing planning process.

“It’s all about making the system simpler, smarter and easier to understand,” explained Mr Hazzard.

Current homeowners may feel more confident about selling their properties knowing that building in the future will be a more stress-free process.

Councils appear to favour automated processes and web infrastructure to push through local planning approvals, resulting in better opportunities for local residents and the ePlanning software will take their dwelling and renovation procedures to the next level.

The grants may prove to be valuable to investors as well, who will appreciate faster approvals for developers, resulting in the ability to secure lucrative new dwellings in a shorter time frame.

“When applications are submitted back to council with the right information assessments are completed quickly and efficiently saving both residents and councils time and money,” stated Mr Hazzard.

A total of 77 local councils are set to receive funding for the new software.

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