Outdoor living and quality fixtures wanted

84Sydney investors and homeowners wanting to add value to their properties may consider the findings of the Survey of Industry Conditions for the final quarter of 2013 released on February 19 by Master Builders.

The survey results provide useful insight surrounding new home building.

Respondents from around Australia gave their views on consumer and home trends in relation to customers choosing builders and specific home design.

The results may prove to be useful for Sydney property owners and investors should they pay attention to the demands of Australian home buyers.

Value for money and quality were important factors when Australians were selecting a home builder.

A home that’s been built well may be a more attractive prospect to home buyers, too. Sydney property investors may wish to keep this in mind when expanding their portfolio.

From furnishings to making a splash

Master Builders Deputy Executive Director Paul Bidwell noted that liveable design was a “top five” factor when choosing a builder.

It’s feasible that this factor could also be in the minds of Sydney home buyers.

Properties that harness indoor-outdoor flow could therefore be a good investment, whether as an investor or as a home buyer looking to secure a home that will have strong resale value.

Another desired feature for a property was a swimming pool, according to the report.

Quality fittings and fixtures and outdoor living were two further factors of high importance to Australians building new homes.

Tidying up the lawn, planting extra shrubbery or adding a deck or patio could help improve a property’s appeal, which could provide favourable results for those looking to sell Sydney properties.

Those looking to sell houses, units or apartments would be wise to pay attention to these property trends in order to appeal to the growing pool of buyers looking to secure real estate in the capital.

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