Where should I buy a Sydney property?

13.12.13If you’re on the fence about purchasing an investment property in Sydney but don’t know where to buy, a better understanding of the area could help you. It’s important to remember that Sydney is home to a variety of vastly different suburbs in terms of style, culture and lifestyle.

East of the CBD

If you’d prefer to purchase a property next to the water, Sydney’s eastern suburbs are a good choice. Areas such as Elizabeth Bay and Kings Cross are home to fantastic restaurants and cafes. They also have a great outdoor lifestyle with parks and a marina.

Inner East

Centennial Park, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst are all great options for easy city access. Similar to the suburbs such as Elizabeth Bay and Kings Cross, the inner-east boasts an abundance of restaurants, cafes and other amenities. There’s also a strong shopping culture, with many independent stores and boutiques.

Inner West

Newton, Chippendale and Camperdown are best for those with an interest in arts and music, with the suburbs home to many pubs that host live events. The suburbs are also close to the University of Sydney, with some even having campuses. This makes the inner-west a great option for those living with students.

The primary Sydney suburbs are all great choices for property buyers, with a fantastic nightlife and lifestyle on offer. However, choosing an area is still important, as the culture varies. For example, those who want easy access to the city and the associated museums, restaurants and galleries could opt for the inner-east. Those who would prefer a more suburban lifestyle could look at the outer suburbs.

Choice is imperative when buying in Sydney as the population continues to swell. Those who pay careful attention to the growth of specific areas will no doubt have better luck when buying and selling investment properties.

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