Sydney blueprint aims for 100 per cent sustainability by 2030

18.1213Sydney could be set to become 100 per cent sustainable in by 2030, with the latest plan released by the city highlighting renewable energy sources for electricity, heating and cooling needs that could be utilised by the New South Wales capital.

The final renewable energy master plan has highlighted how 30 per cent of the city’s future energy can come from carbon-free sources such as wind and solar power, while the remaining 70 per cent can be generated out of renewable gas from waste products.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore detailed the technical prowess of the undertaking and said the plan proves that an entirely sustainable Sydney is possible in the future.

“Burning fossil fuels for energy is a huge contributor to climate change and almost 80 per cent of electricity used in Sydney comes from coal-fired power plants,” said Mayor Moore in a December 13 statement.

“Our Renewable Energy Master Plan gives us a roadmap to transform Sydney into a city run entirely on renewable energy by 2030. It’s backed by extensive research and the experiences of other cities around the world.”

She said it was time to follow the route of other nations around the world who have proven that a sustainable model can work, indicating that Germany has already shut down eight nuclear power plants and are well on their way to embracing 100 per cent sustainability.

Over 1 million Australians have already embraced solar power in their homes, highlighting their enthusiasm and support for the cleaner, greener future of the nation, with many places across the nation looking into new, innovative ways to save energy.

This could be great news for anyone interested in purchasing property in a progressive city dedicated to the implementation of clean energy throughout their lives.

With the ambitious goals of 100 per cent sustainability by 2030, Sydney could be a great place to settle down your family roots and be on the frontline of a renewable future.

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