Tips for finding an investment property in Sydney

23.8.13Sydney is a veritable smorgasbord of property investment options. Being one of Australia’s most populous famous cities, there are a wide range of different areas and properties to investigate and consider when looking to begin or expand your property portfolio.

However, if you’re a newcomer to the industry, you’d be forgiven for feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the wide range of different terms and concepts to come to terms with before feeling comfortable enough to take the plunge.

One of the best things to do is to seek advice from a property professional. Their expertise and knowledge will help to set you on the right path, while helping you to understand the various ideas involved with purchasing real estate.

Furthermore, doing your own market research can be invaluable. Looking into things like the median price for properties in the area, the auction clearance rates and recent market growth will aid your decision.

Investigating future developments in the area could also be a great idea, especially if you’re looking for long term capital growth. More infrastructure development and expansion can be great news for properties in the surrounding areas.

For example, property in Sydney’s central business district could begin to increase in value following the completion of the various projects currently underway or about to begin in the area.

Things like Darling Harbour and Haymarket’s growth are all projected to add value to that area of the city, which in turn affects the overall movement of the real estate market.

Having a fair idea about the region you’re looking into will help guide your overall investment experience and, when coupled with the expert advice of a property professional, will help to secure you a profitable property for your investment portfolio.

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