Green rooftops and walls being encouraged in Sydney

10.12.13Those looking for a sustainability-minded city to move to will be happy to know that the City of Sydney is fully dedicated to helping reduce its effect on the surrounding environment through a number of government-run initiatives.

One of the latest plan to be announced by Lord Mayor Clover Moore is the expansion of green roofs and walls in buildings across the New South Wales capital.

Green roofs and walls plants and foliage are incorporated into a buildings design from the beginning, in order to help provide a layer of vegetation on the walls and roofs of buildings.

This is achieved through putting waterproof material between the plants and the actual material, allowing the plants to grow and flourish without compromising the building’s structure.

They can be a part of the building’s core design, added as a simple window display or used as a part of a roof garden – all dependant on the type of look and style the individual is going for.

The point is to help purify the city air, while supporting biodiversity in a bustling metropolitan area and generating new areas for relaxation and – in some cases – food production.

With the newly developed draft plan, the government is beginning to look at ways to unlock the potential of the industry, by investing in research and technology, reducing installation costs and educating the local community about the benefits of green roofs and walls.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the City was extremely keen to support this new, sustainable avenue. There are currently 96,000 square metres of green rooftops and walls in Sydney, which works out to around 230 basketball courts worth.

“The City receives around one new development application that includes a green roof or wall each week, and there are more than 50 green roof or wall sites approved for construction,” said Mayor Moore in a December 9 statement.

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