Western Sydney: Biggest development region in New South Wales

21.11.13The latest report from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure has highlighted the extreme growth being undertaken in Western Sydney, with more than $12 billion worth of approvals for infrastructure and development projects in the area over the last year.

Projects in Western Sydney alone were worth more than the total combined value of all state significant projects across the whole of New South Wales, which highlights the rapid growth of the region.

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard said Western Sydney was the “jewel in the crown” and extremely important to the development of the state’s economic growth as a whole.

Mr Hazzard went on to say that the New South Wales government were committed to having at least 50 per cent of all new jobs in Sydney to be located in the Western region.

This is to put Western Sydney in the “driver’s seat to make New South Wales number one again” through investment in infrastructure, employment and housing. This will produce almost 4,000 full time jobs in the area, with a further 21,000 direct and indirect jobs created during the construction phases.

For example, the North West Rail Link project has had $8.5 billion committed to it. This infrastructure development is expected to provide crucial transportation for people to commute in and out of the city, aiding the growth of outer suburbs in Sydney.

Furthermore, the creation of the draft Broader Western Sydney Employment Area Structure Plan will further stimulate the local area. Aiming to provide 57,000 new jobs over the next 30 years, this plan is plotting the development of the largest employment space in New South Wales.

Other projects include a $70 million upgrade for Old Wallgrove Road in Western Sydney’s current Employment Area, which will help to provide more jobs near major housing growth areas.

The rezoning of land in Penrith, Narellan and Liverpool is also being planned to aid the construction of three new retail and development hubs in the region. This has the potential to create more than 4,000 new jobs – further promoting the growth of the region as a viable living option and an economic powerhouse in the state.

The housing market is also beginning to grow in the area. According to Mr Hazzard, there has been a huge boost to the construction market, which is resulting in the growth of residential properties in the area.

“Housing approvals in Western Sydney during 2012-13 made up 49 per cent of all housing approvals across Sydney,” said Mr Hazzard in a November 20 statement.

“The new planning system currently before the Upper House will directly support an additional 2,000 jobs in Western Sydney in the residential construction industry.”

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