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Rental market activity shifts towards Generation Y

Potential investors in Sydney could be interested to hear that that the fastest growing household type in the rental market is Generation Y, according to the latest release from the Australian Property Investor magazine.
Following on from SQM Research’s look into the Top 100 Rental Demand Hotspots, 30 per cent of all homes are now occupied by career-driven Generation Y couples … Read more »

Sustainability initiative set for latest Sydney development

Sydney is once again leading the way for sustainable practices with a new water recycling initiative. This new project aims to save homeowners money through the reuse of stormwater for basic household functions.
Green Square Water will utilise stormwater at 20 sites, which will be used to service 7,000 residents and 8,500 workers in the growing Green Square neighbourhood, providing up … Read more »

WestConnex infrastructure project good news for urban renewal efforts

After being announced in October 2012, the WestConnex infrastructure solution for Sydney is finally going to get underway, which is great news for property development throughout the New South Wales capital.
Offered as a solution to the congestion that often plagues Sydney’s east-west spine, the project is expected to help relieve the existing infrastructure while preparing the city for the incoming … Read more »

The importance of kerb appeal when selling property

With the auction clearance rates reaching new highs across Sydney and the official cash rate lowering interest rates, now could be the perfect time to consider selling your home. However, when it comes to selling your property, it isn’t easy enough to simply put an open home sign out the front and wait for potential buyers to pour in from … Read more »

SQM Research: Sydney house values projected to increase in 2014

Housing prices are expected to increase in the new year and the latest report from SQM Research has predicted that Sydney will lead that growth, with increases as large as 20 per cent in 2014.
According to the Housing Boom and Bust Reports, which feature forecasts for the coming year in real estate for each capital city, Sydney is expected to … Read more »

The benefits of refinancing your home loan: Make your mortgage work for you

Taking out a home loan for purchasing property is one of the biggest commitments that most Australians will make in their lifetimes. It is a debt that will most likely last for the majority of your life, and will become a major factor to consider when it comes to organising your finances.
After having a home loan for a while, it … Read more »

BIS Shrapnel: Residential recovery well underway in Sydney

The latest BIS Shrapnel report has highlighted that the residential recover in Sydney is well and truly underway, with the predicted rise in population spurring on housing growth across the city.
The ‘Outlook for Residential Land, 2013 to 2018’ report stated that the residential environment in Sydney at the moment is the combination of low new dwelling construction in recent years, … Read more »

Plans for Sydney infrastructure changes unveiled

With the population expected to grow exponentially over the next 20 years, the New South Wales Government released the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy yesterday (September 11), which highlights changes to the capital city’s infrastructure.
This could offer investment opportunities for anyone interested in securing property in one of Australia’s largest, most economically viable cities.

According to Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian, … Read more »

What’s the difference? Home loan variations explained

Homes loans are one of the most essential aspects of purchasing property. Without one, you would need to save up the entire value of a property and make one, swift payment – something that would be nigh on impossible for most Australians during their lifetimes.
However, just as there are differences between individuals buyers or the properties they’re looking at, there … Read more »

Projected population growth crucial for future Sydney development

Investment opportunities could be opening up in Sydney as the latest population figures released by the New South Wales Department of Planning and Infrastructure have highlighted an increase in the number of homes needed to cope with the predicted population growth over the next 20 years.
According to the latest figures, 100,000 more houses need to be constructed in the city … Read more »