City of Sydney outlines plans for the future

15.8.13Sydney looks set to become an even more exciting place to work and live, as the local council has released a new draft strategy outlining future economic plans for the New South Wales capital.

The strategy presents three key areas of focus for the Sydney economy moving forward: increasing competitiveness, strengthening productivity and capacity, and promoting opportunity.

According to Lord Mayor Clover Moore, the strategy will help ensure that Sydney attracts a skilled and dedicated workforce in the future.

“The Economic Development Strategy provides a blueprint for how we can bring our vision for Sydney to life, by drawing on our strengths as well as creating exciting new opportunities to help attract, nurture and retain global talent,” said Ms Moore in a statement released August 13.

The City of Sydney has also released a number of new Draft Retail and Tourism Action Plans, which outline future strategies for ensuring that both of these important sectors remain strong.

One policy of interest included in these plans involves developing a peer-to-peer mentoring program that will put emerging entrepreneurs in touch with experienced business owners.

Sydney will also look to provide more advice and education to business owners in the future, namely about how they can use council property to present their retail store more attractively.

This news will be well received by those who own Sydney property, or who are looking to purchase Sydney real estate in the future, as it highlights the local government’s continued dedication to promoting economic stability and business growth.

Sydneysiders and the wider Australian public alike can view the Draft Economic Development Strategy and Retail and Tourism Action Plans until September 30, via the City of Sydney website.

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